Our People

InterPraxis is made up of dynamic and highly skilled and educated individuals from a variety of professional disciplines and academic backgrounds.

David Simpson, MA
Director, specializing in stakeholder engagement, corporate reporting, social auditing, sustainability assurance, strategy development, governance reviews, codes of conduct, social compliance verification, participatory research and international development.

Sue Bochner
Associate specializing in developing value-added community and social investment programs. 

Bronwyn Best, MBA
Associate specializing in ethics, codes of conduct, cross-cultural communication and management, training, capacity development, anti-corruption tools and organizational development.

Dara Edmonds, LL.B
Associate specializing in sustainability reporting, strategy development, sustainability assurance and CSR performance monitoring.

Marketa Evans, Ph.D
Associate specializing in strategy development and implementation planning, process and project management, design and implementation of signature initiatives, and cross sector partnerships.


Alan Knight, Ph.D
Associate specializing in sustainability, corporate responsibility, social enterprise, international development and impact investing.

Fumie Saito, JD, MA
Partner specializing in democratic governance, gender equality and international human rights and labour practices. 

David Selley, FCA
Associate specializing in financial and social accounting and auditing methodologies, assurance, ethics, codes of conduct and corporate report development.



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